The Rovaniemi guide association has been offering guided tours for tourists in Rovaniemi and its surroundings since 1972. Our authorized tourist guides are experts on our local culture, on history, heritage and on relevant cultural sights. Our tourist guides offer guided bus tours in and around Rovaniemi and inform visitors about the city’s environment, its past and about present developments. We’d like to welcome your clients to our beautiful city!


Available languages for guidances are: English, Finnish, Swedish, German, French, Spanish, Korean & Dutch.


Rovaniemi Guide Association Guidance rates summer 2024 & winter 2024-2025. Rates are valid from 15.04.2024 until 14.04.2025.

Duration in hoursWeekdays (MON-SAT) in €
0% VAT
Weekdays (MON-SAT) in €
24% VAT
Sundays & Public Holidays in €
0% VAT
Sundays & Public Holidays in €
24% VAT
Minimum 2141,00174,98282,00349,95
The rates mentioned here are recommended rates and the final rate is to be agreed with the guide directly.

The Rovaniemi guide association is an association. In practical terms, that means the Rovaniemi guide asssociation is not a company, and does not sell guided tours directly. The booking management of the association connects a tour operator to a certified guide after having received an inquiry. As the Rovaniemi guide association is not a company, the association can not send invoices on behalf of the authorized guides. The booking management of the Rovaniemi guide association will inform the price for the guide fees when a client places an inquiry, but each authorized guide applies an invoicing or billing service on their own means. The rates mentioned here are recommended rates and the final rate is to be agreed with the guide directly.

The guide is obliged to be at the meeting point 15 minutes before the work assignment begins.

Rates do not include entrance fees.

Rater do not include transport costs. In case guide starts or ends guide work outside Rovaniemi, for example at Santa Claus Village or Rovaniemi Airport, a taxi fare of 40,-€ shall be added in the offer, unless the client arranges transportation for the guide. The travel time to and from guiding, if not in the city center of Rovaniemi, is considered work time and will be charged accordingly.

In case a guide has to travel to or from another city, for example Kemi or Levi, because the guidance starts or ends elsewhere than Rovaniemi, the rate for travel time is 40,- incl. VAT per hour. Any travel expenses such as tickets for bus or train will be added to the rate for the guidance.

If a guide will assist clients only at the airport, two taxi fares of 40€, in total 80€ will be added for the transfers between the city of Rovaniemi and the airport to our offer to our base price of two hours guide work. In case the amount of time it takes to transfer to and from the airport and the work time at the airport exceeds the two hours of work, our guidance fee will be increased accordingly.

Prices are in euros and valid until further notice. We reserve the right to change our guide fees.

During the night time, between 23:00 – 06:00 the charge for guiding is +100% to the standard fee.

Sunday and public holidays +100% to the standard fee.

Meal allowances: For tours of 5 hours or longer, when no meal is provided free of charge, the guide is entitled to a meal allowance as follows: until 3 p.m: 20 eur after 3 p.m: 27 eur.

The authorized guide will invoice the client after the guided tour has occurred, unless otherwise stated.The client provides the guide with an invoicing address as soon as the details of the guidance have been accepted.

The Rovaniemi Guide Association will do our utmost to find a suitable replacement as soon as possible, in case a guide is unable to perform a confirmed task.

Cancellation terms

Confirmed orders can be cancelled free of charge minimum 14 days before the start of the guiding in writing.

If the ordered service is cancelled less than 14 but at least 7 business day before guiding, the fee for 2 hours guiding will be charged as a cancellation fee.

If the cancellation is received less than 7 days full fees will be charged.

In case of a no-show full fees will be charged.

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